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When it comes to residential electrical, there are more factors involved than meets the eye. You can count on us to measure, identify, and correct any electrical sources of electromagnetic frequency caused by simply having electricity in the home. Sometimes elevated levels of EMF are due to faulty electrical wiring, but sometimes it’s caused by outside sources the resident cannot control. Regardless of the source, you can trust that the job we do will not inadvertently increase EMF within the home. We focus on AC electric and magnetic fields along with electromagnetic interference.

Electric Fields

In the USA, we use Romex wiring for most residential electrical wiring. The electric fields that extends from the wiring is nearly unavoidable. In some homes, the levels are higher than others, and it has been known to contribute to some sensitivities in some individuals. Here at Blount Electric, we know the right strategies to reduce or eliminate these fields.

Alternative services offered to reduce AC electric fields are:

  • Installation of MC wiring versus Romex will prevent the electric field from extending out of the wires and through the walls.
  • Installation of a kill switch will conveniently allow the resident to turn off all electricity to a room without having to flip a breaker. This is ideal for those wishing to eliminate electric fields during sleep when rewiring is not an option.

Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic Interference, or EMI, is commonly referred to as Dirty Electricity. EMI is produced when certain appliances or devices that regulate voltage are plugged into an outlet. Other sources of EMI are from certain lighting: fluorescent and LED bulbs along with dimmer switches. Anytime a device needs to regulate voltage, such as a dimmer switch, it puts harmonic frequencies on the normally smooth 60 hertz sine wave. This jagged wave creates a frequency that also extends from the walls. We recommend first eliminating or replacing the common contributors to EMI. However, because EMI also travels on powerlines, you still may need further intervention. Not only does eliminating EMI create more energy efficiency, it also helps keep your appliances running longer and your sound systems sounding clearer.

Alternative services offered to reduce Electromagnetic Interference are:

  • Removal and replacement of dimmer switches
  • Installation of a whole house filter wired into the circuit breaker – this reduces EMI by around 90%, serves as a surge protector, and has a 10-year warranty when installed by a qualified licensed electrician.

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are commonly found under powerlines, in appliances, small motors, and digital clocks. Usually, in these instances, magnetic fields exponentially lose their strength with increased distance. However, magnetic fields that do not decrease with distance are due to faulty electrical wiring practices or due to an increased current on a grounded water line. It is not recommended to live or sleep in areas with magnetic fields above 0.5 milliGauss. Rest assured that we will be able to identify and eliminate the source of an AC magnetic field due to electrical wiring. And of course, feel confident knowing that at Blount Electric, we will never take short cuts that will create magnetic fields.

Alternative services offered to reduce AC magnetic fields are:

  • Rewiring the electrical short cuts that created the unbalanced current. Neutral wires should never be joined or bussed together, and after locating the bussed neutrals, we will rewire to eliminate the magnetic field.
  • If grounding the home’s electrical system to the home’s water line has produced a current powerful enough to produce a magnetic field within the home, we will look at alternative grounding methods. It may be necessary to partner with a plumber who can easily eliminate the current on the pipe.

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